Dive In with the Best Swim Equipment in Canada


    From head to toe, you will need a bathing cap (mandatory in most public swimming pools) but particularly useful to keep your hair out of your eyes and mouth. Goggles, you will protect your eyes from chlorine or salt. Bathing suit, of course! Pull buoy, useful to work on your stroke and isolate the arms movements. A kickboard, so you can work with your legs. You can also work with hand paddles, so you can work harder with your arms, and swim fins that will allow you to swim faster.

    If you want to enjoy open water swimming, the most important thing you will need is a wetsuit. Of course you will wear a bathing cap and goggles. If you plan to train when the water is particularly cold, a neoprene cap, gloves and socks can also be useful. Security wise, a buoy is mandatory. Wearing an inflatable buoy will give you visibility in the water and can be used to rest if you are tired.

    Some of the equipment will be the same such as your goggles. But you will have to wear the swim cap that the triathlon organization will provide on race day.