When should I buy a triathlon wetsuit?

A wetsuit is particularly suitable for swimmers and triathletes who want to protect themselves from the cold in the water, but also to maintain buoyancy or propulsion. In general, wetsuits provide an improved water position, which should make the athlete faster. In addition, the swimming costumes have a hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating that lets you move faster through the water. In combination with the improved water position thanks to buoyancy, a wetsuit provides you with fast swimming times in competition as well as in training.

Wetsuit water temperature
When is it allowed to wear a wetsuit and when not?

Swimming with a triathlon wetsuit at temperatures below 15 or 16 degrees should only be done by experienced swimmers. In competition, wetsuits are compulsory for all participants at temperatures below 15.9 degrees. At temperatures up to 21.9 degrees for swims up to 1,500m and 24.5 degrees for longer swims. It is allowed to wear a wetsuit for swimming. Higher temperatures will result in a neoprene ban.